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Hey, what!?

Posted on 2014.04.25 at 16:35
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Well yeah, I want to write in my weird/ugly English today! Actually it has been a while, right!? YEARS!!

But no one reads me so it's not a big deal, anyway and I wasn't sure if I would come back or not. A LOT OF THING HAPPENED this past years. Nothing to tell you in fact. Most of my problems are in my mind so what's the point to tell you internet? NONE! Buuuuut I can tell you some stuff like I found a great service called Alice Hizou

Why is great? You may be wondering. Well, simple. Because thanks to AH I bought some goodies of last Gakuensai and the prices weren't high!! Very cheap if you ask me and the shipment was also cheap and secure! VERY SECURE!! All of my items arrived well and with a few extra surprises! So if you want to get stuff from your japanese singers/bands or other stuff like djs, mangas, etc. please go to Alice Hizou (also you can join a FC!) so GO GO!!

and that's all u3u


I'm still alive!

Posted on 2014.02.26 at 19:53
Simplemente dando señales de vida después de muchooo tiempo!

Tristemente, no tengo por el momento qué contar pero en fin, ya volveré! xD

Oh sí, mientras pueden visitar mi blog de sketches u3u!


Dears Latinoamérica

Posted on 2013.01.22 at 18:52
¡Hola Dears!

Antes que nada una disculpa por tardar tanto en actualizar la página y porque normalmente pongo todos los links en Japonés, pero con el tiempo trataré de mejorar eso y darles información en Inglés y en Español lo más que se pueda :)! Igual, nunca les pude desear un feliz año nuevo porque estuve con la familia y no tenía computadora cerca :/ 

De igual forma, me gustaría compartirles links de descarga y cosas así pero sabemos que a la larga eso no le ayuda mucho a nuestro querido GACKT pero haré una excepción este año (aunque sea una vez al mes hahaha) porque he adquirido algo que sé que les gustará y simplemente lo compartiré para que lo utilicen como fondo de pantalla :)! 

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Akumu-chan! & Gackt's health

Posted on 2012.10.29 at 13:42
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
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I saw already the first chapter of Akumu-chan and I have the second one waiting to be watched! So my week will be full of GACKT! YAY! HAHAHAHAHA!!

But actually, I have a lot of time without watch a dorama, but when I saw Prince Gackt my literal expresion was "OMFGporfavordameduro" and I didn't knew the story/synopsis/whatever but it's like comedy(?) IDK but I laughed a lot but the idea of have prophetic dreams and stuff it's amazing (that's my view point)

the two of us hahaha! bad joke!

wthealth!?Collapse )

And I really want this! Tattoo!! TATTOO!!! 


HAKURO -preview-

Posted on 2012.10.03 at 16:43
Current Mood: excitedexcited
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I saw the preview a few days ago but I think it's better to share it with you :D! I'm really excited 'cuz Gackt has a lot of work! Dorama (Akumu-chan), Singles, Movies (I think) it's just amazing <3

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